How To Monetize Your Adult Chat Traffic With No Restrictions

Evolving markets dictate the importance of offering affiliates strong, high-converting sites in the main market segments of the adult industry as well as in niche areas.  We know that the wider the variety, the more ways you have to increase traffic and the higher the potential to bring in the big bucks.

Keeping up-to-speed with trends in adult means our business is always evolving and the action plan needs to be updated with new ideas constantly. BrokerBabe’s goal is to consistently optimize our affiliates’ traffic and maximize earning potential for everyone involved.

The online adult entertainment world is getting more and more competitive and guests are becoming more selective in their tastes. Not only do they want more for their money — bigger discounts, more promotions, bulk deals — but they also want more creativity from the webcam models and more interaction with the storyline instead of the same old porn videos.

Bottom line is - they’re looking for more than just live sex cam chats, and they want to make their own decisions when it comes to directing performances.

That’s why we simply cannot neglect any type of traffic, especially chat traffic, which is so easily obtained from these demanding users. 

The simple acquisition however, comes with the downside that advertisers are very reluctant to accept chat traffic, due to its high proportion of fraud.

This is where STRIPCHAT comes in. The site was designed to quickly convert chat traffic and email marketing traffic, and to give affiliates the possibility to take advantage of cross-sales and traditional promotions — with high success rates.

It is the most lucrative offer in the adult industry monetizing chat traffic at the moment, so it enables us to offer a fast-converting webcam site that also gives the users great value for their money! 

STRIPCHAT is available in the BrokerBabe Marketplace with multiple payout models and campaign types [IDs: 15551, 17388, 15570] so give them a try as a means to expand your revenues immediately and totally hassle-free!


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