Friendly Wi-Fi campaign to affect mobile markets

According to an investigation from “The Mirror”, the majority of hotspots in the U.K. allow access to major porn websites for everyone - this means children can be exposed as well and… you are about to find out how this news will affect every mobile affiliate program out there.

The abovementioned investigation has led to a decision to ban Wi-Fi access to adult content from public hotspots and, Tesco, Starbucks and Samsung have already signed up for the “Friendly Wi-Fi” campaign - meaning that the “no-porn-at-all” hotspots will be marked with a “Friendly Wi-Fi” sign.

This news is a major game changer since 3G traffic is going to be more in demand. Sure, for now this will only be felt by webmasters and BrokerBabe affiliates making mobile money with mobile in the United Kingdom, but later on, it might be the case that more countries will follow these guidelines regarding public access to adult content.


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