Dating Affiliate Contest - Win Your Bitcoin Bonus

Time for a new Affiliate Contest! For The Love of Crypto is an opportunity to make more money and have a bit of fun while taking advantage of the cryptocurrency craze!

We know you’re already in love with our insane Dating offers and during October we want to reward your performance with even more coins $$$. Crypto-coins that is!

All you have to do is promote our Dating offers and reach a minimum revenue of 2000€ this month. 

We’ll pay you back an additional bonus of 5-10% of your revenue! The higher your earnings, the bigger your Bonus.

And the best part is - you get to have all that paid in the cryptocurrency of the moment - Bitcoin!

Achieve between 2000-5000€ revenue and get 5% bonus. Go above 5000€ and you’ve got yourself an extra 10% of your revenues. That’s on top of your regular payment!

October can get as hot as you handle it, there’s no limit to how much you can earn with these sizzling dating offers.

Whether it’s our in-house designed offers or some of our exclusive deals, they’ll be a perfect match to your cryto bonus! Here's a sample:


IT Hotincontri | ES RelacionesCasuales | AT HeisseTreffen

FI Nopeatdeitit | FR TonPlanCul | CH XXXFlirt

NO Bareflort | SE Engangsligg | DK Nemflirt

DE Jamble | ENG - Stealth Attraction

DE Zwinkr | DACH Dating Finder


Who’s eligible? Any Brokerbabe Affiliate except for networks - Just Login to your account.

Not a Partner yet? For the love of crypto! Sign up only takes a second.

Good luck gathering those ₿₿₿ Bitcoins!

*Contest runs from  5th – 31st  October 2018, closing on December 1st, 12pm EET
**Only revenues generated from Dating offers will be eligible for bonus, from a minimum of 2000€
***Presented offers are recommendations only and might change subject to Advertiser terms
****To prevent fraud, only validated leads & sales will count towards achieved revenues
*****Revenues can be paid in Bitcoin or regular account currency within 2 weeks of contest end


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